10th February 2016


Valentine’s Day is almost upon us which means it’s almost a year since the lovely Adam (aka our 2014 winner of our WIN THE PERFECT PROPOSAL competition) proposed to his “lovely Kate”. We recently caught up with the pair to find out how the last 12 months have been for them both and if wedding bells are on the cards!

Q) Adam, It’s been almost a year since you popped the question to your ‘lovely Kate’, what has the past 12 months been like for you both?

Adam: Well it’s absolutely flown by for starters, can’t believe it’s been a year! We had so much fun last year with the wonderful prizes and the amazing experience we had in Feb, and our holidays just made the year one big celebration.

We still laugh about the night itself.. I’d just done the deed on one knee, Kate eventually mustered a “yes”, and it was absolutely freezing and very windy on the bank of the Mersey in front of the Liver Buildings. I’d bought a big heart-shaped Chinese lantern online (as if this isn’t already cheesy enough) and was trying to light it with one of those cheap green plastic lighters, meanwhile Kate isn’t helping me as she’s busy trying to take a selfie with the lantern, and 2 security guards appear from nowhere requesting that I extinguish the “fire”. So I’m trying to show them that actually, the problem was that there was no fire because I couldn’t light one, and that their high-vis jackets were ruining Kate’s selfie. They then started reeling off statistics about the safety of Chinese lanterns, and that they can set fire to houses whilst I’m trying to re-position them to block out the wind. We eventually got it lit and Kate managed to get her selfie with the high-vis jackets just out of shot!

Kate: I can’t believe it’s been 12 months either! We’ve been busy having lots of adventures and enjoying each other’s company, I started my nurse training through my work too so 2015 was a fab year for us.

Q) Adam, how did you feel when you realised you had won this amazing prize and were able to pop the question to Kate in this way?
I think I was just pretty shocked; I’d never won a competition before and was even more surprised that the first one I did win was thanks to my romancing skills. Looking back it was an amazing experience and one we were incredibly lucky to be part of.

Q) Kate, did you have any clue that Adam was about to propose?
Not at all! He told me he’d won some kind of valentines weekend prize with the met quarter which included pampering, shopping, a meal and the hotel. I thought that was amazing enough so I had no idea there would be more. Looking back he seemed pre-occupied when we were having our meal at Carpathia but he loves his food so I just thought he was restless because he was really hungry. Even when he got down on one knee I was still pretty oblivious to what he was doing! I don’t actually think I said yes, I just kept asking ‘is this it, is this it?’.

Q) Have you set a date for the wedding?
Well Kate started university in September which is a 3-year nursing course, so we’ve decided to push the date back until after that. We’ve not booked anything yet but we are looking at 2018.

Q) Have you chosen your venue?
We decided on a venue a long time ago, even before we were engaged – The Inn at Whitewell – and have had trips there (complete with both sets of parents in tow) to view the wedding area, the bedrooms & facilities and browse brochures but nothing concrete as yet. There will be invitations for the met quarter gang, don’t worry!

Q) Have you chosen your perfect dress Kate?
I would like to say yes but I don’t know how anybody ever decides on one dress. There are so may beautiful dresses to choose from. I think I have about 100 on my Pinterest board.

Q) What’s your idea of the perfect day?
Adam wants a hog roast but I don’t like the thought of it so we will have to talk about that. Our venue has amazing food so I don’t think we need to worry on that front. Apart from that we would just like a relaxed day with our family and friends. We don’t want a big showy wedding. We just want everyone to have a lovely special day.

We would like to say another huge thanks to you guys for giving us such an amazing experience!

Lots of love from Kate and Ads