12th May 2022

First The Wurst – Introducing Liverpool’s New German Street Food Kitchen

GPO Liverpool, Liverpool’s largest food market prides itself on hand-picking the best independent kitchens to showcase, serving exciting and delicious food from around the world – think Korean, Greek, Indian, Cantonese, Taiwanese – and now German!

The Wurst Way are the newest team to take up residency at GPO Liverpool, it’s a street food concept inspired by traditional German food trucks, with punchy and bold New York influences. 

Check out their Instagram for updates and drool-worthy shots of their dishes.

Know Your Sausage

First things first, do you know your bratwurst from your bockwurst? Here’s our topline rundown of German sausages to help you build your perfect meal! 

Bratwurst – a traditional Munich-style pork and veal sausage

Frankfurter – the ultimate New York-style beef sausage

Bockwurst – a classic smoky pork sausage

Vegan options and guest sausage are also available 👍


If you’ve never had currywurst, you’re missing out big time – invented in Berlin in 1949, this dish is packed full of rich tomato and curry flavours and has become such a big hit with the Germans that they eat over 800 million portions a year and there’s even a museum dedicated to it! 

The Wurst Way lets you build your perfect currywurst dish – pick your sausage – either a Bratwurst, Frankfurter, Bockwurst or a Vegan Bratwurst. Then pick your heat from mild, medium or hot and then decide between a regular or large and you’re ready to roll! All currywurst dishes are served with fries and they’ll also have guest sausages on rotation to mix things up on your next visit! 

Dirty Dogs

Served in soft and lightly sweet brioche rolls, all of The Wurst Way’s Dirty Dogs are a sight to behold 🌭 Which one will you go for? ⬇

The Hasselhoff – A frankfurter topped with ketchup, mustard and crispy onions 🧅

The Einstein – Bockwurst sausage topped with curry sauce, cheese sauce, fries and crispy onions.

The Jurgen – Bratwurst topped with mustard, pickles and sauerkraut

The Becker – Bratwurst topped with hot sauce, cheese sauce, jalapenos and beetroot


There’s also delicious sides like paprika fries, cheesy loaded fries, sauerkraut and pickles to complete your meal and the kids menu also means that little ones can enjoy a taste of German street food on their next trip out. 

Which dish are you going for? Be sure to tag us in your photos over on our Instagram.

GPO Liverpool accepts walk-ins, but for busier times and for larger parties, we’d recommend booking to avoid disappointment.