26th August 2022

The new bread on the block – Ferguson’s Bakery puts its stamp on GPO

Ferguson’s Bakery is the latest addition to GPO. It prides itself on fresh, handcrafted sourdough which is baked on-site each day. But that’s not all, whether you’ve got a golden sweet tooth or have a hankering for a savoury snack, Ferguson’s Bakery caters to all your foodie needs.

Let’s wash our hands, get our aprons on and knead our way through some of our favourite dishes….

For the savoury lovers

Toast for lunch? Count us in!

Tantalised taste buds is an understatement, introducing miso and soy roasted mushrooms on sourdough toast. Finished off with carrot kimchi, chives and pickled ginger.

🗣Calling all health queens, we’ve got salads to die for

Salads don’t have to be boring!

Try Ferguson’s honey roasted pear and stilton salad with mixed leaves, pangrattato and balsamic dressing. The glossy honey flavour is a perfect sweet addition!

Soup so good, you’ll be asking for a straw

After something warm? Try this roast butternut squash, carrot and lentil soup with a slice of buttered sourdough bread for an unreal crunch. That first sip will take you straight back to homemade cooking.

Cluckin’ Hell, that looks good

Check out the roast chicken, semi dried tomato and wilted spinach in freshly baked focaccia. Try it with an ice cold can of your favourite soft drink – we’re drooling!

Going bonkers for Focaccia

If you’re after a vegetarian option, go for the whipped lemon feta & beetroot carpaccio, drizzled with balsamic on fresh Focaccia. It’s one of those sandwiches that you’ll be daydreaming about after you’ve devoured it.

Shakshuka anyone?

For those who don’t know, Shakshuka is a North African dish which combines a tomato & pepper stew and usually with baked eggs. Fergusons have taken it a step further and feature 3 delicious versions of Shakshouka on their impressive menu.

All 3 dishes have the classic rich tomato and pepper stew, topped with fresh parsley.
You can go vegan or veggie which includes two gooey baked eggs and feta or, meat feast with all of the above plus a garlic beef sausage. Of course, all three dishes come with a slice of Ferguson’s famous sourdough bread.

For the dessert fanatics

Ferguson’s Bakery caters for all you chocoholics out there. Stocking a number of freshly baked sweet treats that are bound to satisfy that midday craving.

Chocolate is always the answer

Try this sour cherry chocolate brownie, garnished with burnt rosemary and topped with a balsamic compote cream- the brownie of dreams. Oh, and did we mention? It’s gluten-free.

You’re one tough cookie… if you can resist these

Drum roll please ladies and gents….
Introducing the triple chocolate cakey sourdough cookie, stuffed with white, milk and dark chocolate chips. Bound to hit your chocolate craving where it hurts. Need we say more?

After something sweet and simple?

All those who love Nutella, say “i”! Warm, gooey and chocolatey Nutella, generously spread over warm, crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle sourdough toast. Try pairing it with a delicious latte or flat white for the ultimate snack.

Hungry yet…?

Check out more of Ferguson’s Bakery’s mouth-watering dishes below and be sure to check out their Instagram to stay up to date with the latest baked goods.

Ferguson’s Bakery is open Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays 9am-3pm and 10-4 on Saturdays & Sundays. Be sure to pop down for a bite or two!