22nd April 2021

Five Healthy Habits to Start Your Day

Ensure you have a productive day, no matter what your to-do list looks like, with our top five healthy habits to start your day.

1.Eat and enjoy a healthy breakfast
With most people not having to endure the daily commute to the office there’s more opportunity to enjoy a delicious breakfast. Whether it’s overnight oats or a simple piece of toast, try and take some time to sit down and enjoy eating and to help kickstart your day the right way. If you do happen to be heading out early on why not check out 200 Degrees at Metquarter who have a selection of handcrafted coffee that’s sure to brighten up your morning!

2.Social media switch off
Most of us will wake up and immediately start scrolling on social media. Your job might require you to be up to speed on the latest news, or you might just want to catch up on updates from your friends. The pandemic has had a huge impact on how we use social media and the amount of time we’re online. Try and start your day without looking on your phone for the first 30 minutes. Enjoy a nice shower, take the dog out, do some exercise, make a delicious breakfast. You’ll feel more refreshed throughout the day if you limit your scrolling early on.

3.Discover the power of a to-do list
Take some time first thing in the morning to write down everything that you need and would like to achieve in the day. Tackle the most important tasks first and enjoy the sense of achievement as you tick things off your list.

4.Fresh Air
The daily commute is on pause for the majority of us, meaning we’re possibly not getting enough fresh air. Factor in getting out before you start your day, it could be enjoying a coffee in the garden, on your balcony or simply having a short walk. You’ll notice the difference to the rest of your day if you make the effort to get out and about early.

5.Head to bed early
It’s no surprise that if you finish your day relaxed and get enough sleep it will have a positive impact the next day. Try and head to bed earlier to allow time to read, listen to a podcast or meditate. Avoid using your phone and make a concerted effort to relax. If you fancy upping your relaxation, why not head to Urban Calm located on the lower mall and book a refreshing and rejuvenating treatment.