1st December 2022

How you can support The Hope Foundation

About The Hope Foundation:

The Hope Foundation is a charity based in Liverpool, that aims to help anyone and everyone who may find themselves in need of support! Its main operational focus is to provide support for anyone who has any sort of housing need, this includes providing accommodation, training and support to help enable people to sustain tenancies, live independently and break the cycles of homelessness.

Alongside its main housing project, it has 4 other projects working with the local community, providing direct financial support and an annual Christmas day event reaching out to people experiencing loneliness, isolation and poverty over the Christmas period.

The Hope Foundation prioritise collaboration and believes by partnering with other service providers, it can make the most impact and offer the best support to its clients.

Every person has the right to a safe place that they can call home, and The Hope Foundation’s goal is to make that a reality for EVERYONE with housing needs.

About the Christmas Meal:

Over the past 11 years, The Hope Foundation has hosted a Christmas day celebration. Initially, it set up the Christmas meal to reach out to homeless people, but soon realised there was so much more need in the city! By the time Christmas day came, it had received referrals for not just the homeless but also people living in isolation, lonely people, families in poverty and many more people in need. So, The Hope Foundation opened its doors, and the first event was a great success welcoming around 80 people on the day.

Now 11 years later, it has built partnerships with local agencies and support providers as well as businesses including the Metquarter who each year provide an enormous number of toys and gifts that ensure each child that comes has a present to open on Christmas day.

This year is The Hope Foundation’s 11th year running the meal and is set to be the best year yet. Not only will there be a three-course meal, gifts, games, entertainment and transport for guests, but it is also going the extra mile and ensuring guests are helped in the long term. Often The Hope Foundation hears its guests comment on how they had experienced depression and isolation during the lead-up to Christmas with the dread of not being able to afford anything, however after being invited and coming along on the day things had changed for them. From coming along shy, nervous, hungry and possibly depressed to leaving with full bellies and a renewed sense of hope! With even some guests commenting on how it was their best Christmas yet.

This year, given the current financial climate The Hope Foundation is expecting to be busier and more needed than ever before, however, its aim is to ensure that nobody has to be alone over the Christmas period, and truly believe if we work together that can be a reality.

Will you join The Hope Foundation this year to help make a massive difference to around 250 people struggling over the Christmas period? It costs around £20 per head to put on the meal, but every bit of support really does go such a long way.

If you would like to support The Hope Foundation, please follow the links below and get in touch.

Together we can make this a Christmas to remember!