26th April 2022

Introducing GPO’s Newest Vendor – Love Kimchi

If you’ve not familiarised yourself with GPO at Metquarter yet, you’re missing out big time. As Liverpool’s largest food market, they bring an amount of choice rarely seen in traditional food settings – with 11 independent kitchens serving up cuisine from around the world and over 400 dishes available – there’s literally something for everybody.

The kitchens at GPO have been hand selected to offer the best range of the highest quality food, and we’re super excited to introduce you to the newest food vendor – Love Kimchi.

Who are Love Kimchi?

Kimchi is a staple dish in Korean households and it is taking the world by storm – it can be used as a condiment, a side dish and as an ingredient when cooking. Ingredients can vary but they usually include vegetables, garlic, ginger, salt, chilli peppers and fish sauce – resulting in a delicious range of sweet, sour and spicy flavours. Love Kimchi’s recipe is over 70 years old and has been passed through generations with love and care.

And out of this incredible dish, Love Kimchi was born. They’re far from the new kid on the block though, the team have been featured in Time Out as one of its top recommendations for real Korean street food and they’ve already made a name for themselves with their shop on Smithdown Road. And now you’ll be able to get your Love Kimchi fix at GPO 🎉.

What To Expect

If you’re a fan of crispy dumplings, spring rolls, bao buns, yakitori chicken skewers and incredible katsu curry, you’re in luck. Love Kimchi has it all. Their menu has a fantastic selection of small plates, sides, sharers and big bowls of hearty food to keep you well fed, check out our top picks of dishes below.

Katsu Curry Loaded Fries

A dish that needs very little introduction – Love Kimchi are famous for their katsu curry and this dish is the perfect thing to enjoy as a sharer with friends. A stack of crispy fries, topped with their famous katsu chicken pieces, sesame seeds and fresh spring onion – absolutely ideal.

Gangnam Glazed Chicken Bao

Forget everything you think you know about bao, when they’re done right, they’ll change your life – and these fluffy little guys are done to perfection 💯. Two bao buns, stuffed with sweet and spicy glazed chicken and served with a side of their speciality kimchi – you could share the other bao with a friend, but one bite of one of these and you’ll be tempted to keep them both for yourself.

Duck Spring Rolls

You’ve probably had duck spring rolls before, but nothing like this. Mouthwatering pieces of shredded duck, wrapped up in a crispy pastry and served with a rich dipping sauce. The size of them alone will put all other spring rolls to shame.

Korean Corn Dogs

A Korean twist on the classic American snack – each serving comes with two pork sausages, covered in a crispy and delicious batter, deep fried and served with ketchup and American mustard. The crispy batter combined with the tangy mustard will have you running back for more in no time.

These dishes should give you an idea of what to expect from the newest member of the GPO family – if we’ve tempted you, GPO accepts walk-ins, but for busier nights, we’d recommend booking a table.

Don’t forget that you can also order drinks from the GPO bar to enjoy alongside your meal – they carry an extensive range of soft drinks, wines, beers, spirits and cocktails that you can order at the same time as your food through the iBe App.