9th May 2022

Marking Mental Health Awareness Week At Metquarter

Looking after ourselves and the people around us has never been more important, and thanks to steps that many organisations like the Mental Health Foundation are taking, the stigma surrounding talking about our mental health has been vastly reduced. 9th-15th May marks Mental Health Awareness Week, an annual event which creates opportunities for the UK to talk about our mental health and how we can improve it. 

The theme of 2022’s event is loneliness, it can have a massive impact on not only our mental health, but also our physical health – and the pandemic has highlighted what a big problem loneliness can be. Our connection to other people is important to protecting our mental health, it could be anything from talking to loved ones over the phone, meeting friends for a coffee or even just sitting in silence watching a film – just being with people can make the world of difference. 

We’ve pulled out our top recommendations for taking steps to look after ourselves and the people around us to battle loneliness this Mental Health Awareness Week. 

Grab A Coffee

Or tea, or hot chocolate, or juice. It really doesn’t matter what you’re drinking – just carve out 30 minutes of your day for a good old chat with a friend. Chat about how they’re doing, how you’re doing and about absolutely anything that comes to mind. There really doesn’t need to be an agenda or a set topic, just being together and chatting in a relaxed setting can do wonders for your wellbeing. 

Make it a regular thing that you can pop in your diary to look forward to each week or month, simply making time for the people you care about will go a long way for everyone involved.

200° Coffee at Metquarter offers a relaxed and comfortable place to meet on your lunch break or after a day of shopping, they even make their food fresh every day in the shop so you can enjoy a slice of cake whilst you catch up. 


Self Care 

Staying with the theme of talking about how we’re feeling, self care and chatting have always gone hand in hand. Make a date with someone for an hour or two of pampering and relaxation at Urban Calm. 

Urban Calm is all about relaxing, recharging and refreshing – doing all of this when sat side-by-side with your bestie talking about anything from work, partners or just what you’re having for your tea tonight can easily lift your spirits and make someone’s day. A new set of nails or freshly threaded brows might even give you a little confidence boost and make you walk that little bit taller when strutting around the streets of Liverpool. 

Check out Urban Calm and their packages here. 


Share A Popcorn With Someone You Love

Being social doesn’t always have to include hours of conversation – sometimes just being next so someone you enjoy spending time with can do the trick. Grab a popcorn, some nachos and immerse yourselves in some movie magic – there’s loads of incredible films out this month – Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness, The Northman, Downton Abbey: A New Era and The Lost City – there’s heaps to choose from! 

Take a look at Everyman Cinema’s listings here.

A Meal Shared Is A Problem Halved

If you’ve got room after all the popcorn, there’s a table waiting for you at GPO, Liverpool’s largest food market has 11 independent kitchens so even if you and your pals have different tastes in cuisine, there’ll be a dish perfect for you. 

Chat about the film, chat about what’s going on, chat about that lady over there with the nice shoes – it’s all good. 


Challenge Your Friend To Walk, Run Or Jog 80 Miles

If you and your friends and family are the active type, why not put it to the test and help fundraise for the Mental Health Foundation 🏃‍♂️

There’s still time to get involved, all you need to do is collect sponsorships and hit 80 miles in the month of May! Whether you do every step side-by-side with your friends to encourage each other or get competitive and challenge them to see who can hit the 80 miles target quickest or who can raise the most money – it’s all for a fantastic cause. Learn more about it here. 

It’ll not only be great for your own wellbeing but will help raise funds for others in need. The Mental Health Foundation has set up a Facebook Group for the challenge where you can share tips and encouragement for your fundraising. Check out The Guide’s top picks for routes around Liverpool and the surrounding areas to tick off those miles among our gorgeous surroundings.


If you’re looking for support or more information about the Mental Health Foundation, you can learn more here.