24th August 2022

Smile Like You Mean It – Introducing Liverpool’s New Orthodontics Clinic at Metquarter

A great smile can make all the difference, that’s why we’re excited to introduce you to the newest member of the Metquarter family – Impress 🦷

Impress is a world-leading orthodontics clinic which has revolutionised the invisible orthodontic sector across Europe, so we’re honoured that they’ve chosen to open a flagship clinic at Metquarter, bringing world-class dentistry to the city.

Impress specialise in providing discreet, comfortable, and removable aligners designed to treat overbites, crowding, and diastema – patients can expect to see results in as little as 6 months.

Smile And The Whole World Smiles With You

The Impress team are committed to helping the people of Liverpool feel confident in their smiles and they do this with a 100% personalised service and the latest technology to diagnose and treat patients.

Each patient is given a complete oral check-up, an X-ray, and a 3D scan, which allows the medical team to create a virtual simulation of the entire treatment process. The aligners are then delivered to the patient’s home and the entire experience is monitored through an app – meaning no unnecessary trips to the clinic are required. 24/7 support is offered during treatment so patients can rest easy, knowing that there’s always someone there if they need it.

By specialising exclusively in invisible orthodontics, Impress is able to reduce prices by up to 60% compared to other alternatives available, without compromising the quality of treatment, nor the success of the results – something we can definitely get on board with.

By reducing the time required in-clinic and keeping costs as low as possible, this helps ensure that world-class dentistry is open to more people than ever before. Bruce Bower, UK Country Manager for Impress, said: “At Impress, our mission is to provide our patients with an excellent experience of invisible orthodontics, and we want to make it available to as many people as possible.”

If you’d like to start your journey to a stunning smile, you can book an appointment with Impress via their website here.

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